M Series Tables

M Series Wave Tables - Fine Gold Recovery

The M Series concentrating tables are in a class of their own. Rugged, dependable and safe, alluded to the "trail blazer" of concentrators. An unparalleled design to separate virtually anything by specific gravity. Most importantly, recovering micron particles as small as 5 microns (approximately 10,000 mesh). Successfully used in production operations separating electronic scrap metals, scheelite, tantalite, stibnite, heavy mineral sands, the PGM group, copper, gold, garnets, zinc oxide, barite, and other minerals from your ore bodies. The first Action wave table was built in 1982; to date more than 10,000 units have been sold worldwide.  

M10 (approx. 3-8 tph depending on material) - heavy-duty electric drive system, wired specifically for your location, works at a constant motion. Unique to this table, the amount of feed can vary without critical change in the mechanical separation process. The M10 comes standard with a variable speed control for precise adjustments, to get the best separation for your ore. Safety is a standard, not an option, with an emergency stop switch mounted on the main frame. Screening is not as critical for the M10 as it would be for the M7 therefore you can run -40 mesh material, making a primary concentrate of 10-20x ratio. Spec Sheet      

M7 (approx. 600-2000 pph depending on material) - can be used as a separate production or finish table producing high-grade concentrates of precious metals. Efficiently separating a high percentage of gold from black sands, the M7, an extremely forgiving concentrating table, is not labor-intensive and can be adequately run by skilled workers with minimal instructions. The compatibility working of the M7 in conjunction with the M10 provides an easy and efficient mill system. Spec sheet   for M7/8   

M8 and M9- same as M7 with 220V, 50/60C motor  for overseas customers.

M5 (our field bench or lab model)  - Operating on a 12v battery (not included),  43”L x 15”W x 19”H, 130 lbs, heavy duty 12V motor, linear bearings, fiberglass top and sturdy metal frame. Watch the new video for demonstration. Now available with a 110V 60C or 220V 50/60C motor w/variable speed control for  in-house lab work. Spec sheet

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