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1)Videos! - "Investigating & Understanding Fire Assaying" exhibits an in-depth introduction to assaying. A necessary 2½ hour video covering chemistry, procedures of the fire assay of both oxide and sulfide ores, down to weighing the assay bead. Action Mining president, Mike Glenn, narrates and simplifies the assaying procedure. $ 79.95.  SPECIAL BUNDLE: Video on Fire Assaying & Fire Assay Home Study Course $99.00
2) Our  video "The Leaching Process for Catalytic Converter Material", in DVD format, is available. A 2 hour video discussing the procedures for handling converter material, including the basic steps necessary to profitably extract the PGMs from the various types of converters. Buy individually for $129.95 or  BUNDLE with the Assaying DVD and CLS Manual for $199.00. See our flyer for details. NEW - Catalytic converter flux made specifically for assaying or smelting converters.
3) Our completely re-vamped bench model of the Wave Table (second picture below) - M5.  operates & looks like the larger models, with linear bearings & fiberglass top.  Its uniqueness still allows for fast and accurate field  (weighing in at only 130 lbs) or lab work.  3 options available: for in-house lab work as a 110V 60C model, or as a 220V 50C model,  or as a 12V battery (not included) for field work!
4) Now available the 2014 Models M7/M8 (3rd picture) now have built-in hydraulic lift systems (jack included) , 2 riser bolts for adjusting the tilt of the table, built-in 20 mesh screen pan, and twice as many linear bearings than earlier models to improve performance and wear & tear . See the newsletter for more information.
5) New product (first picture below) - the Continuous Ore Roaster will process 50-500 lbs/hr (depending on material) through the roasting chamber (2” metal pipe) moving through the 4 ft long oven chamber. Temperature control unit maintains the proper temperature (1350°F recommended) for roasting your material. Auger & metal pipe rotated at different speeds determined by amount of sulfides.
6)  New product (4th picture) - hand operated magnetic separator. Simple to operate in the field or lab. Quickly separates magnetics from black sand and other material. High quality belt and magnetic rollers ensure many hours of use. See Sale page for more details.