World Headquarters:
          37390 Ruben Lane
          Sandy OR 97055 USA
1 503 826-9330    
1 800 624-1511

Fax: 1 503 826-1340
AMS International Representatives:
Australia, Indonesia, Viet Nam, Philippines & Ghana Africa
     IAN FREELAND - NSW Australia + 61 4 29 822 954  cell phone                           actionmining@bigpond.com    www.goldwavetables.com
Canada SAVONA EQUIPMENT 1.250.373.2424  - Savona BC Canada                          sales@savonaequip.com
Chile Patricio San Martin - ingekraft@gmail.com      www.ingekraft.com
Colombia & Panama RICHARD  dingwell481@gmail.com
     or Jose Calderon gussepi16@hotmail.com
Sweden GULDSTROM & CO -  Sweden +46 383 460 000  rolf@guldstrom.se                   http://www.guldstrom.se
Peru & other countries  MEGAMILLING 1.305.345.1649                                                       MEGAMILLING@GMAIL.COM
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For 32 years, we’ve offered quality, reasonably-priced laboratory supplies and equipment as well as How-To-Do-It books and videos.

   We are working on our website to make viewing & ordering our products      quicker and easier. Currently, you can open the catalog as a PDF file for full                 descriptions but ordering more than one item from there is difficult.

               If you are ordering multiple items, it is best to make a list of the items you                    want to order then go to the Storefront to place the order.  OR you can make a list of items you want and email it to us. We’ll do up the invoice and email you back.

OR you can always just call us at 800 624-1511!