Magnetic Separator.

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Live demo of mid-size M7VS Wave Table:

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Genuine AMS products M Series Concentrating Tables Beginner's Assay Kit Impact Mills

Fire assay equipment includes crucibles, ingot & pouring molds, roasting dishes & equipment applicable for assaying. See catalog for additional lab equipment. Beginners to Advanced fire assay kits. We can ‘build a kit’ to your requirements. Fluxes containing litharge are no longer shipped internationally. Call for details if your project is out of the US.

      11" Impact mill bench model (shown) grind 80 to 200 mesh, 10-100 pph, depending on material, run wet or dry

      16" impact mill mounted on welded base 80 to 200 mesh, 100-500 pph, (depending on outlet used & times through)

Our Australian rep, Ian Freeland says, “I keep doing tests on people’s tails and the M8 keeps scavenging lost fine heavy minerals!” “The tantalite tests went really well. The manager helped put 100kg of his tails thru and he was stoked at how much very fine tantalite was recovered. I worked out that he is losing approx $1000 per hour ( which the Table would catch).”

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