Sale & Used Items

Sale and Used Items

Popular Mining Magazine in book format

12 years of “How To Do It” mining articles

written by miners from around the world -

5 volumes containing priceless information,

from amalgamation to zinc precipitation,

including articles on platinum! Each volume

(over 200 pages in each) sells individually

for $40 + $12 S&H. Buy the full set for $200

plus free US shipping!

New Product - Hand operated Magnetic Separator

  • Easy to use - constant feed
  • Separates magnetics quickly from black sands and other material
  • Perfect for field or lab testing
  • Commercial grade rubber conveyor belt material
  • Magnetic roller ensures constant separation
  • Durable polyethylene framework

Water hose (not included) is attached to separator fitting. This washes the ore into the first collection bucket while the magnetics are automatically dropped off the belt into the second bucket (buckets not included).

Intro price: $899.00 (regular $995.00) UPS S&H not included

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