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We developed this years ago for safer handling of mercury amalgam! Made of PVC which you attach to an air compressor or bicycle pump, using only 12 lbs. of pressure. It pushes the mercury out and leaves the amalgam on the filter. Safer to use than retorting as there are no mercury vapors. Comes with a 4 micron polypropylene filter and stainless steel screen. Holds 15 lbs. of mercury.

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Dimensions 12 × 10 × 4 in

2 reviews for Air press (air tort)

  1. Jessica

    This is a nice alternative!

  2. Lonni Jobe (verified owner)

    This press is pretty good at concentrating your amalgam prior to processing. I purchased one of these at the Action Mining store when it was in Trona, California prior to them moving to Las Vegas. I had several pounds of amalgam with no retort, but only had nitric acid to do the final process of separating the gold from the mercury, (which I had also purchased from Action Mining). This press will get rid of the excess mercury so that what one has left is a clump of gold with a thin layer of mercury still attached. One does need to use a retort or nitric acid to complete the final separation/recovery. 35 years later, I once again have need of this press so have ordered yet another one. My old press, I use a thin circle of leather chamois, which was the way it was used prior to the filter pads one sees today. It is a very useful tool and well worth the investment. I do have a retort now a days for final processing. (4-Stars since one still has another step to finish after using this awesome press)!

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