Roaster, Continuous Ore Feed


This roaster will run approximately
340 lbs/hour at maximum speed.
This is calculated on the amount
of ore that will feed through the
unit, NOT how well it roasts the
material. Roasting speed and volume
will depend upon the percentage
of sulfides present.

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ROASTER, DRYER, 50 amp 240V & 20 amp 110V power requirements, comes standard with temperature
control unit and a variable speed feed. The steel hopper holds 50-100 lbs of material at a time;
variable speed feed screw takes the material through the 2” metal pipe chamber, which is inside a 4 ft.
oven chamber, at an even rate to thoroughly roast the sulfides or carbon contaminants out of your material.
The automatic temperature control maintains proper roasting temperature settings (we recommend
1350°F). Exhaust fumes must be vented to the outside or to a scrubber (not included). * Crating $250.00

Optional locking wheel assembly makes the unit mobile in your facility. Cat #ROASTERWHEELS Price $150.00
Weight 800 lbs.; 82Lx36Wx60H * Special order item

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Weight 800 lbs
Dimensions 82 × 36 × 60 in


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