System III™ Electrolytic recovery system


System III™ Electrolytic recovery system w/instructions (without quartz heater)


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System III™ Electrolytic recovery system w/instructions (5 gallon system) Power supply not included – use a manual battery charger or power supply that is 12V with 10+ amps capability (do up to 10# of ore).

For a hundred years at least, the recovery of precious metals from leach liquids has always been accomplished when the liquid has been filtered from the ore. The removal of the liquid from the ore has always been the most expensive operation when handling leaches and the filtration equipment has always been the most expensive equipment in the entire mining operation. System III™ changed that. System III™ recovers the precious metals directly from the ore totally eliminating the filtration system. System III™ is a method of electrolytic precipitation, not electroplating. The plate (cathode) is contained within a 4 micron polypropylene filter bag that sits in the ore/leach solution. Particles in the ore cannot penetrate the filter bag but the ions, which are really a part of the liquid, move freely through the bag and deposit the precious metals on the stainless steel cathode. System III™ is an efficient system. It works well, but like all other leaching systems it will not work on some ores and most ores take some time and work and experimenting to make them work with any system. If one is willing to take the time he will probably be rewarded with the best and the lowest cost system available. When you’ve completed your testing phase, you can make a larger system based upon your own results and budget.


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