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Our new Continuous Ore Roaster comes with a temperature control

unit and variable speed feed; steel hopper holds 50-100 lbs of material;

feed screw moves the material thru a 2” metal pipe inside the oven

chamber. Watch the video now!

For 2015 we will be introducing a Laboratory Batch Roaster.

Watch for details in the next few months.

In business since 1979 our knowledgeable and service-conscious staff are readily available to  assist you in your mining equipment needs. AMS maintains its original credo of "Innovators in Noble Metal Technology", being suppliers of a vast range of products, with shipment worldwide, including the dynamic concentrator - the Micron Mill Wave Table. We have built our storefront so that you are able to order any item online. If there is something you can’t find, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you. You can always contact us by phone at  800 624-1511, fax at 503 826-1340, or email

Our 2015 mid-size Wave Table Model M7/8  has 1) a built-in hydraulic jack lift (jack included), 2) 2 leveling risers to accommodate any platform, 3) a formed feed trough for interchangeable mesh screens (-20 mesh screen included) for testing and 4) double the number of linear bearings for improved performance. Now available with optional variable speed control-especially useful for testing!


The M5 Lab/Bench Model Wave Table-now with built in screen-it

retains its portability for field work, while updated to better resemble and operate like the larger production models. A perfect “Mini-Me”!

Now available in 12V (field work) , 110V or 220V motor for

standard in-house laboratory testing. See Products for more info.

One of our newest product - Hand operated Magnetic Separator.  

See Sale & Used Items or New Items page for more info.   Call us at 800 624-1511 or email us!  Watch the video below.

                   New book by Hank Chapman! “How to Mill Your Gold &                    Silver” $54.95 See New Items page for details.



Magnetic Separator.

Click on photo below to watch the demo