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In business since 1979, with representatives worldwide, Action Mining offers the Micron Mill Wave Table, developed 28 years ago as a revolutionary concentrating table to recover particles down to 5 micron size by specific gravity.

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  • Our knowledgeable and service-conscious staff are readily available to assist you in your mining equipment needs. AMS maintains its original credo of "Innovators in Noble Metal Technology", being suppliers of a vast range of products, with shipment worldwide, including the dynamic concentrator - the Micron Mill Wave Table. We have built our storefront so that you are able to order any item online. If there is something you can’t find, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.
  • Our 2018 mid-size Wave Table Model M7/8/9 has 1) a built-in hydraulic jack lift (jack included), 2) 2 leveling risers to accommodate any platform, 3) a formed feed trough for interchangeable mesh screens (-20 mesh screen included) for testing, 4) double the number of linear bearings for improved performance. 5) variable speed control.

  • New book by Hank Chapman! “How to Mill Your Gold & Silver” $54.95 See Catalog page 29 for details.
  • The M5 Lab/Bench Model Wave Table-now with built in screen-it retains its portability for field work, while updated to better resemble and operate like the larger production models. A perfect “Mini-Me”! Now available in 110V or 220V motor for standard in-house laboratory testing. New feed trough will be solid ultra-high density black P. See Products for more info.



”Thank you for designing a product that actually works well. I have been processing taunna (arrasta) tailings from areas in Mexico. These small operations loose up to 70% of their gold and throw 10-15% of their mercury into the tailing piles. Your table not only catches the lost gold, but captures almost all of the mercury.” Thanks!
D Peterson, California
“Thanks for the great tips…we are getting to know the table (M8s) - and implementing a lot of what you have said has helped enormously. We have quite a bit of pyrite at the moment but can get a clear line between gold, pyrite, and ballmill steel/magnetite. We are still getting a lot of mercury coated gold in the system and amalgam balls as the previous owner put in quite a bit into the ball mills. We see this on the tables. We are having a few issues on getting screening right. We notice in the book that the 4 tables are set at very narrow screening intervals. At the moment we have 0.25-1.00m going over the table and it seems to work although we find a bit of the mercury gold in among the sand (top area) and not getting to the front. Guess it is because some of this has been flattened by the ball mills and partly digested by the mercury. So overall happy so far on table runs, we’re just kicking in the bigger ball mills so will let you know on results of more of the commercial sized production runs. ”
Tony, Mongolia
“The Wave Table is one of the best, if not the best, I’ve ever owned, and gets the real fine gold mostly on the first pass, but some of the ore I’m working with has a lot of cons in it, so I’m having to run some of it 2 or 3 times to really get all I think there is in it. I had to re-bolt it to the floor in my shop to keep down vibration…it works very well now that I have that done. ”
ames, Georgia